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Your Tampa Markets



November 2 & December 15
 Upcoming Festivals

LIVE Music - Food Trucks - Hot Food booths - Vegan - MEET ARTIST - MEET FOODIES - Craftspeople - Kids Activities - Healthy Lifestyle Choices - Pet Foods & Accessories


Discover a wide variety of local made items 

From soaps, fibers, wood products, lotions to jewelry, apparel, paintings, Florida-made jellies, sauces, the finest olive oils, clay mermaids, unique home decor, beautiful garden art to specialty baked confections,   sponsored by local neighborhood businesses. 


Play an important role, by supporting Local Crafters in your community.


Handcrafted  Products are GREEN.

Work done by hand takes less energy that a mass produced  piece made from an assembly line. Add to that,  if it's made overseas, logistically it  takes even MORE energy, to get it here.

People value authenticity

Small Batch - Harder to Replicate   


Adult & Children's Art & Gift Crafting Classes are available at the Festivals   

Make & Take your own special art and craft gifts - Stop 

by our crafting booths

Artist Miss Alicia is a key advocate of Arts in the  Tampa Bay area.

Miss Alicia  offers classes at Your Tampa Market events - so make sure to take a class!

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