We are so honored to be showcasing and sharing many of the bay areas incredibly  talented artist, bakers, chefs and crafters

LIVE Music - Food Trucks - Hot Food booths - Vegan - MEET ARTIST - MEET FOODIES - Craftspeople - Kids Activities - Healthy Lifestyle Choices - Pet Foods & Accessories

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Discover a wide variety of local made items 

From soaps, fibers, wood products, lotions to jewelry, apparel, paintings, Florida-made jellies, sauces, the finest olive oils, clay mermaids, unique home decor, beautiful garden art to specialty baked confections,   sponsored by local neighborhood businesses. 

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Play an important role, by supporting Local Crafters in your community.


Handcrafted  Products are GREEN.

Work done by hand takes less energy that a mass produced  piece made from an assembly line. Add to that,  if it's made overseas, logistically it  takes even MORE energy, to get it here.

People value authenticity

Small Batch - Harder to Replicate   

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Adult & Children's Art & Gift Crafting Classes are available at the Festivals   

Make & Take your own special art and craft gifts - Stop 

by our crafting booths

Artist Miss Alicia is a key advocate of Arts in the  Tampa Bay area.

Miss Alicia  offers classes at Your Tampa Market events - so make sure to take a class!

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