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*Only use PayPal if you have been accepted and know your total amount due.  Please note: May 11th is closed off.  

1)  A signed vendors form must be turned in, within 24 hours of payment. 

2) Copy of receipt must be attached.

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Tampa Riverwalk Food + Art Festival - Biannual Event


Application Nov 2 - Fall 2019 (docx)


Food + Art Festival Dates


Welcome to Your Tampa Markets

We are so honored to be showcasing and sharing so many of the bay areas incredibly   talented individuals - local makers - artist - chefs small batch foods - entertainment and small business,  visit this new waterfront FOODS + ARTS venue, for a GREAT shopping experience! 

Isn't it supposed to be about keeping local business alive, by supporting these truly unique & talented artisans? These are your unique family members, neighbors, co-workers, all bringing their passion, right here, to cook and create, for YOU!     

You'll find the most awesome home decor, one-of-a-kind jewelry, artsy apparel,  painted, metal, clay, glass, wood,  art -  to specialty packaged foods that you'll NEVER get the recipe  for!  

Finding these treasured vendors in one place, is spectacular! 

If its not the Greatest Olive Oils, Hummus, Dough Bowls,  Puerto Rican ,  Vegan goodies, Boozy Cupcakes, Candied Bacon Jerky, Cookies, Rum Cakes, Canned, Fermented, Infused,  farm raised, upcycles, recycled, crochet, collectibles...then it's surely going to be, our happy smiles and good times, that makes it worth your visit.   

 Children and Pets  will find  favorite new, treasures, too!  

Remember...when you buy LOCAL, you are helping to create and keep jobs in your community, so come GROW with us!